Top 10 Rules Of Social Media Marketing

The rules of social media marketing

1. Rules of listening Success of doing Social Media and Content Marketing, that is, listening must listen to or read the target audience. Or Follower that they care about Or are there any requirements? By getting involved in the conversation Including creating Content that can spark engagement from them.

2. Focus Rule:  To focus on Relevant content promotes brands, products, products rather than nets To cover everything to keep everyone interested

3. The Law of Quality:  Quality is more important than quantity. Don’t stick to the 1,000 follower’s regular engagement, better than 10,000 follower never present.

4. The Law of Waiting:  Social Media and Content Marketing cannot be successful overnight. It’s going to take time. And consistency in the operation.

5. Combined linking law:  If Content Marketing content is of good quality and useful, it will lead to sharing from readers. This could be either a facebook user or a blog, as well as other social media. Content distribution from these shares leads to a link to the website or Social Media which is good for doing. Rank on Search Engine so content should be easy to share.

6. Law of Influences:  To look for and build relationships with Thought influences associated with brands, products, try to connect with them to build a strong relationship with them.

The rules of social media marketing

7. The Law of Value: Use valuable content better than propaganda. Or hard cells Too much may cause boredom. And followed by unfollowing

8. The law of perception:  Building relationships is an essential part of any social media marketing, even with just 1 person left following. You should know the mistakes that happened.

9. Accessibility rules should have good content. Continually And once the content is published, it must be ready to create conversations with engaging followers across all channels.

10. The law of exchange:  We cannot expect anyone to share content or speak about our brands, products, products. When we don’t do the same So spend some time in Social Media to share content, chat, build relationships with others who are publishers as well. 

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