5 reasons why your business should be on Instagram

Your business should be on Instagram. Because Instagram is the most using social media now a days.

The secret of Instagram is that it is based on visual content. Our brain responds better to visual stimuli, that is why the image acquires more and more important in digital marketing. Instagram is a social network that is well managed from any Smartphone, a device that has become an extension of our hand. In addition, the audiences we are targeting tend more and more to consume content on this network. A compelling reason for brands to be clearer that Instagram is a social network in which they must be present. As experts in creating online content, we give you 5 reasons why you should open a company profile on Instagram. So it needs to know why your business should be on Instagram?

Currently, it has more than 700 million registered users, 200 million of them from its “stories” function.

Generates more “engagement”:

Create an emotional bond with customers. A recommendation when using this application is that you create a specific color or design a special shadow so that all your photos fit your message and your corporate image, which will make it easier for users to know you and identify your brand.

Visibility and traffic to the web

Although it is true, that it does not allow you to link the content like other social networks, until it reaches 10,000 users, it connects you directly with the public interested in your product, for this use the hashtags and geolocates the publications if your business is local. It connects with a really like-minded audience, so the traffic it generates is hyper-relevant and faithful. An ideal target to impact with your offers, promotions, and new products.

Promote products and services:

It is another way that brands can use to branding and attract customers to their pages or stores. This application allows you to take unique photographs, much more original than a normal one, they will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition. Remember that you must include clear and concise text accompanied by hashtags and emojis so that the message reaches users.

Reflect your values:

We will always prefer humanized brands. Instagram will bring your brand closer to users. Use it to convey authenticity to them in real-time. Remember that many things can happen in an instant, reflect them. It also allows you to be a transparent brand and tell stories, based on people. In short, in a single photo, the values, emotions, and desires that your brand or product contains: its identity.

Helps you sell more:

 It’s a creative way for your potential buyers to access your products and consume your content. There is already the possibility of including a BUY button, a clear call to action that facilitates direct conversion.

Remember that 2020 is the year of the visual. Therefore, the key to be successful marketing with this App is that you constantly upload creative, informative, and entertaining content to your profile, so that you will generate a small community of followers, why not, one day they will become brand lovers of your Mark.


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